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Express Your Interest roundel The Beaumont at Wynyard Park
The Beaumont, Wynyard

Tucked away in a fold of land protected by trees and hedgerows is a tranquil refuge where you can build life anew.

When you return from the outside world through The Beaumont’s own gateway to your individual house on your own little piece of England, you can justly feel proud and relaxed.

The Beaumont

Living of the rarest quality

The Beaumont is one of the few areas selected to become an exclusive, self-contained community of self-build homes, taking advantage of Wynyard Park’s wooded and rolling landscape. The low density of building, small number of houses and wooded backdrop provides for unusual privacy.

The self-build plots are set on either side of the lane that curves across the gentle slope. Only eleven in number, they are generous in size – just three to four per acre. This low density creates both privacy and a sense of space against a magnificent backdrop of natural woodland for recreation and contemplation.

To add to the special character of The Beaumont, our landscape designers are specifying a host of detailed features such as planting at focal points, topiary, broad verges, cast iron signage, period lighting, sculpture and granite set kerbs.

All in all, this is living of the rarest quality.

The Beaumont Plots

There are just 13 plots in this self-contained, gated community, ranging in size from 0.22 to 0.37 of an acre, allowing ample space for an imposing house up to 2.5 storeys in height, double or triple garage, parking in front and extensive garden. The plots are arranged around the single road in and out of the gently sloping site.

Express Your Interest roundel The Beaumont plot 11 The Beaumont plot 13 The Beaumont plot 11 The Beaumont plot 13 The Beaumont plot 11 The Beaumont plot 13 The Beaumont location

The Beaumont
CGI Fly-Through

Click play to view a computer generated fly-through of The Beaumont development.

The Beaumont
Aerial View

Click play to view our drone footage of The Beaumont development at Wynyard Park.

The fine environment of The Beaumont will provide a place, not just to build, but to build beautifully.

Wynyard Park is unique in being both a greenfield and a greenleaf site. At The Beaumont you are privileged to have this rich resource on your doorstep.

Your design, your dream at The Beaumont, Wynyard

Your Design

Your Dream

The Beaumont gives you the opportunity to create the home of your dreams using the best materials and workmanship. Traditional, contemporary or eclectic, as long as it complies with our Design Guide, you can be as creative as you like.

The Beaumont, Wynyard, the setting for serenity

The Setting

For Serenity

The fine environment of The Beaumont will provide a sense of place, thanks to inspired planting, adding colour to a green and pleasant place.

The Beaumont at Wynyard