Living in Peace at Wynyard Park

Peace of mind

Wynyard Park Gateway & Lodge

Enter one of Wynyard Park’s glorious main gateways and the first big difference you’ll notice are the lodges which offer an exclusive concierge service. You’ll get to know the members of the team because they are here to stay, having been vetted and trained to uphold the highest levels of integrity, appearance and personal attention.

Just Relax

Residents everywhere are free to enjoy a quiet and undisturbed lifestyle. They can relax in the knowledge that Wynyard Park’s own concierge service provides a team of on-site professionals maintaining a sophisticated 24/7 service and patrol.

The gate to each self-build neighbourhood is linked to our private CCTV system. When a resident is buzzed at the gate, they can decide whether or not to let someone in. The system is monitored by lodge staff who are also at the end of the phone to respond to any suspicion or concern.

That is how we deliver protection, confidence and peace of mind.

The concierge at The Lodge

The Concierge

At The Lodge

A friendly face and a personal link with the estate management for everything to do with living the difference at Wynyard Park.

24/7 surveillance. Security never sleeps.

24/7 Surveillance

Security Never Sleeps

You can enjoy living in splendid isolation all the more, knowing we won’t let you be disturbed.

Online shopping and convenient collection

Online Shopping

Convenient Collection

Part of the service is taking delivery of your online shopping orders then storing foodstuff in special cold rooms – a traditional solution for a digital age.