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Living of a different nature at Wynyard Park

Living of
a different

Who doesn’t dream of a graceful home in a setting which brings you closer to the natural world? Radically different from the notion of a housing estate Wynyard Park is already growing to transform this vision into reality amidst 885 wooded and meadowland acres of a real country estate, until very recently the preserve of nobility.

In the first homes built here people are already experiencing the delights of life in a landscape whose design respects and enhances the unique woodland and parkland character to impart a sense of peace and well-being.

Woodland, the defining feature

The woodland is considered to form a significant part of the broadleaved lowland woodland in the Tees Valley. These tall trees threaded by woodland streams are an uninterrupted back-drop to Wynyard Park life and a unique resource for walking, cycling, exercise, and natural history.

Woodland at Wynyard

Woodland Areas Currently Accessible

The Wynyard Park vision is to create one large forest track that will span the perimeter of the park and encompass a fitness trail, mountain bike circuit, educational zones, and play areas.

We have recently created a large piece of living art along the Meadows. This collection of neatly stacked timber will transform through-out the years and be surrounded by an array of flowers, from over 100,000 Daffodils in the spring to an entire blanket of red poppies in the Autumn.

Future additions around the park will enhance your surroundings and attract nature, one of which is the ornamental garden opposite the Wynyard Park marketing suite. We want all residents to enjoy this area, sit, relax in peace and rejoice in your new life here.

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Woodland at Wynyard

The Natural Habitat

The area has been wooded for at least 150 years and is included within the Tees Valley Strategic Wildlife Corridor. It provides a range of habitats including both broadleaved and coniferous trees. Surveys have identified a number of bat species, badger, otter, brown trout, white letter hairstreak butterfly, European eel and birds ranging in size from tree sparrows to buzzards.

Respecting key aspects of the fine existing environment such as ancient hedgerows, native trees and woodland streams will help to define a sense of place and provide a mature setting for development. We won’t just build; we’ll build judiciously.

Wildlife at Wynyard

Full of Surprises

Who knows what you’ll discover when you take your morning stroll around the unspoiled environs of Wynyard Park!

Wynyard - full of suprises