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Blooming Lovely

Posted: 25 NOV 2016

Blooming Lovely

Already looking forward to the new year? Perhaps a little more once you read what Wynyard Park have planned for next spring.

Recently the estates landscaping team planted over 108,000 Daffodil bulbs along the fringe of the woodland that sweeps along The Meadows as you drive into the park.

Receiving some very positive comments from residents and visitors throughout the summer when the entrire area was awash with a stuning variety of wild meadow flowers, the descision was made to introduce daffodils next spring.

High on the list of priorities is to keep Wynyard Park looking its best all year around and with the addition of the daffodils the blanket of golden flowers will offer a bright & impressive welcome throughout spring 2017.

Darren Holden – Wynyard Parks Landscape manager said “We were able to source a machine from Holland to do the bulk of the planting, meaning my team and I could concentrate on the more hard to reach areas. The idea was to create a very vivid display of yellow, using two varieties of daffodil. They should look very striking and compliment the natural woodland setting very well”.

Wynyard Park have many similar projects up their sleeve to introduce colour and beauty to all areas of the estate. Through thoughtful landscaping and a keen eye for detail the park will continue to evolve into an amazing place to be a part of.

For more information contact the Wynyard Park team on 01740 667 000.


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