Wynyard Park, different by design

Whitby Cast Metal Craftsman Signed By Wynyard Park

Posted: 21 SEPT 2017

Whitby Cast Metal Craftsman Signed By Wynyard Park

A North Yorkshire craftsman has been commissioned by the exclusive Wynyard Park housing development to create bespoke street signage throughout the estate.

Philip Shardlow of Croft Cast Signs based outside Whitby is providing hand-made cast metal signs for the 180 acre development which will comprise over 2000 homes when it is completed.

He has also created a striking cast iron version of Wynyard Park's 'W' logo complete with flying deer which has been installed at the entrance of the development which is situated between Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees.

Croft Cast Signs has been hand-making cast metal signs, engraved and etched signs since 2000 and the business is now one of the foremost producers of high quality metal signs in the country.

Philip said that he originally set up the business with his wife Andrea after deciding they needed a career change. "After running a successful retail business for a number of years it was time for a new direction," he added.

"I had been introduced to foundry and metalwork at school and when a job-lot of foundry and sign making equipment became available my wife and I decided that it looked like the perfect opportunity to mix business with pleasure and start doing something we really enjoyed."

Philip used specialist equipment to create highly accurate templates for the 'W' and flying deer logo, before casting them in solid aluminium and finishing with high quality UV resistant paint.

Each of the street signs includes the W logo, along with the street name and are finished in black and gold.

Philip added: "When creating a new housing development street signage is often pretty far down on the priority list. Most new developments end up with the same generic signage as seen throughout the country.

"The directors at Wynyard Park wanted something different - something which spoke of quality and attention to detail, signs which had a traditional look and feel but would stand the test of time."

Matt Johnson, Wynyard Park's Director of Developments said: "Wynyard Park is a highly desirable location and our focus is on creating a unique living environment and delivering highest standards throughout the development and the top quality of Croft Castings' workmanship certainly reflects that.

"Our commitment is also to work with local companies wherever possible and so we are delighted to have been able to commission Philip and we are extremely happy with the results."

The first residents moved into the Wynyard Park estate in 2012 and there now over 150 in residence in a range of housing by leading national housebuilders and self-build homes on exclusive pockets of land made available by Wynyard Park.

Accessed via entrances on the A689 between the A19 and the A1, the site benefits from access to a range of facilities nearby including a pub, village store, dentist, gym, physiotherapist, children's nursery and primary school.

Information on Wynyard Park's self-build schemes is available from the marketing suite at Rose Garden Lane, Wynyard Park, TS22 5FS, via email selfbuild@wynyardpark.com or by calling 01740 667000.

For more information contact the Wynyard Park team on 01740 667 000.


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