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Why we work with Wynyard Park: Shutter Media

Posted: 30 October 2019

Why we work with Wynyard Park: Shutter Media

Based in the heart of the North East, we have long made it our mission to work closely with local businesses in the Tees Valley.

First starting work with Shutter Media in 2014, our relationship with the graphics company has grown with each project.

Shutter Media was involved in the personalised designs and wrapping of Virgin Media’s telecommunication cabinets to incorporate them into the Wynyard Park surroundings.

The company has also been instrumental in the introduction of custom-made metre box covers plus a host of other features including the frosting of windows, wrapping of vehicles and various signage throughout the estate.

This initial opportunity with Wynyard Park has led to the Darlington-based company into working directly with Virgin Media to wrap additional telecom boxes.
Steve Hale, Managing Director of Shutter Media, said: “We love working with Wynyard Park. We’ve just introduced the possibility to put vinyl directly onto brick which could be a game changer for us in the UK and allow us to work across many more markets.

“The vision of Wynyard Park has been a breath of fresh air and its continued support has helped us as a small business.

“Wynyard Park is very good at creating steppingstones for small businesses. It’s a renowned brand in the area to be associated with that it has given us the opportunity to grow and work with other brands like Virgin Media.

“Wynyard Park is very forward thinking; we really appreciate the opportunity we have to work with the team as they’re well suited to us.

“We’re really looking forward to being involved in many more projects with them.”

Craig Pinder, Development Manager at Wynyard Park, said: “I’m impressed by the versatility and flexibility that Shutter Media continues to offer.

“I’m able to pick up the phone with a problem at any given time and not only can they find a solution quickly, but they can do so economically.

Steve concluded: “Wynyard Park is an amazing company to work with and the opportunity to be associated with them is phenomenal.

“Any business should grab the opportunity to work with Wynyard Park with both hands."

For more information on the benefits of working with Wynyard Park please contact: 01740 667000.

For more information contact the Wynyard Park team on 01740 667 000.


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