About Wynyard Park

Wynyard Park is a luxury, private estate that is synonymous with inspirational architecture and aspirational lifestyle. Set to a backdrop of rolling countryside and secluded woodland, the sprawling community boasts the very best lifestyle, from a Residents’ Garden to recreational facilities for the whole family.

Each home within the private estate has been designed to remain in balance with the local natural environment, creating impressive unique homes that families will cherish for a lifetime. Whether opting for a self-build plot, a custom builder or one of our hand-picked national builders the results offer personalised luxury built to the very highest of standards.

Choosing to call Wynyard Park home is about more than the bricks and mortar that make up your property. Living in a completely secure and highly designed environment is a unique way of living that provides unrivalled peace of mind.

Wynyard Park is truly a magnificent place to live, with a commitment to remaining a self-sustained and exclusive community.

Gallery Entrance Gate
  • Largest privately owned self-build development
  • Elite National Builders