Living Here


We have placed Wynyard Park in the most scenic setting, with a tranquil woodland backdrop. Perfect for walking, cycling and exercise, our residents can wind down and relieve the stress of the day right on their doorstep, no matter what time or what season.

The area has been wooded for at least 150 years and is included within the Tees Valley Strategic Wildlife Corridor. It provides a range of habitats including both broadleaved and coniferous trees. Surveys have identified several bat species, badger, otter, brown trout, white letter hairstreak butterfly, European eel and birds ranging in size from tree sparrows to buzzards.

Respecting key aspects of the fine existing environment such as ancient hedgerows, native trees and woodland streams, we have defined a sense of place and provided a mature setting for development. We have commissioned various art and sculptures around the park to enhance the landscape.

Gallery Woodland
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