Fancy living in a development with a concierge service? Meet Vince who looks after the needs of those living on an exclusive Tees Valley development…

Blog January 2019

Wynyard Park is not like most housing developments.

It goes above and beyond for its residents, launching services and features that add a touch of luxury to the lives of those living there.

The Welcome Lodge at Wynyard Park has a concierge and 24-hour security service – believed to be the first of its kind for a housing development in the North East – which is headed up by Vincent Maroney, 44, from Stockton.

Here he tells us more about his role based at the Wynyard Park Welcome Lodge, where he has worked for almost two years.

“I’ve been in security for most of my life. I heard this opportunity was coming along, I knew of the area and jumped at the chance.

I was a site supervisor on an ex-Navy base in Eaglescliffe previously and I was there for 12 years.
It is very impressive here and a pleasant place to work. The staff are all friendly and helpful. The residents are really nice to work alongside too.

As concierge we are here to help. Our concierge operating hours are from 6am until 6pm, seven days a week. Our security operatives are also based in the Welcome Lodge and operate 24/7.

As well as monitoring CCTV, I take delivery of parcels, offer directional advice and help residents with questions and concerns whenever I can.

I think our presence here definitely helps residents to feel safer and gives them peace of mind. The service offers them comfort when heading off on holidays. They let us know and we keep an extra close eye on their property. It’s a very safe place to call home.

People have busy lives and they seem to really appreciate that Wynyard Park offers a place they can rely on to have their parcels delivered. It saves them time. On a busy day we take up to 20 parcels of all shapes and sizes and store them here securely until they can be collected.

We love going above and beyond for our residents. I can recall one lady who phoned me up and said she’d not locked her door that morning. She had left her keys were in the lock! I made sure the property was secure and kept her keys until she was able to collect them. If I can help, I will help. I just hope I never get a call to say someone has left their straighteners on!

Another element of my work is looking after the bikes, maintaining them and keeping them clean so that residents can enjoy this free service.

Quite often people stop at the Welcome Lodge and ask for directions which I’m more than happy to advise on. Thankfully we have a big map on the wall which helps!

I do enjoy the role and helping people out is my favourite part. A lot of residents now know me and I’m always here to say hello and given them a hand if they need it.”

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