Interior design tips for your dream home

Blog September 2019

Redesigning and decorating your home interior can be extremely exciting with so many colour palettes, design techniques and furniture styles out there.

People can quickly get confused and end up with both expensive and time-consuming mistakes. Our experts at Wynyard Park specialise in home interior ideas that create decorative, functional living spaces that work around home and family life.

One of the biggest tips that we can give you is to first find your personal style and then decorate with your heart. Love each piece that you intend to add to your newly decorated rooms, from sofas to coffee table books. Experiment with textures, metals and fabrics, as decorating is a lifetime art project that never truly ends.

Unique and bespoke interior design should be at the forefront of each property, with hidden accessories to help you manage your way of living. These add-ons are what help to develop a sanctuary at home and enjoy coming home that little bit more. Add finishing touches such as hidden plugs and space tidies to hide the boring bits.

Patience is important when redesigning an interior as you choose paints and textures. Cutting corners can usually end with regret, so spend the time buying test pots of similar colour hues, painting all four corners of your living room to consider lighting and contrasts.

We have put together an array of design tips and inspiration for you to look over and help make your house a home.

Ideas for your style preference

Elegant home interior ideas

Unique hardware to transform cabinet doors and elevate a space.
Fresh flowers as fresh blooms make a huge impact.
Wall mouldings to add character and frame your furniture.
Stair rods to complete a luxury stair runner.
Personalisation on towels and bed linen, adding a unique touch.
Aromatic scents for each space, try an ‘oud’ scent in the bathroom.
Coffee table books such as Tom Ford and Dior for aesthetically pleasing touches.
Ample amounts of cabinetry to store your essentials.
Ambient lighting to create the perfect calm moods.

Country style ideas

Neutral colour tones from creams to sage, in keeping with nature and your garden.
Experiment with fabric textures from linen to woven features.
Make wicker baskets essentials in each room as they keep spaces tidy while maintaining country style.
Soft furnishings everywhere – chenille blankets and cotton cushions to create a cosy escape after work.
Don’t be afraid to incorporate black features such as picture frames and tables into rooms with light tones and woods.

Contemporary home ideas

Minimalist light wood furniture.
Splashes of colour through wall artwork.
Pops of lively hues in statement pieces of furniture, try a yellow buttoned chair to lift a space.
Use foliage and succulents to bring nature into modern surroundings.
Ensure light fills each room by using light-toned paints.
Use handle-less features in the kitchen to expand the space and create a contemporary design.

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