Interior Design trends 2020

Blog February 2020

There has been a huge shift in how we live. More of us spend our time at home, from entertaining guests to working. The home has become a multifunctional space, it’s no longer a case of just eating and sleeping. Our ambitions for our homes are without limits, home cinemas, offices, snugs and bar areas are becoming increasingly popular as we invest in planning and styling each room to benefit our busy lives. As we move further into 2020, interior trends will continue to be influences by our lifestyle.



Home technology was a huge trend in 2019 and our preferred suppliers JDM Earth aren’t expecting it to stop there. Smart devices and voice assistants have made spaces seamless within our home. As life continues to be busy and as we bring more entertainment into our homes, technology is set to play a part in helping us with our goals. From self-watering plant pots, through refrigerator inventories, to smart lighting, the possibilities to make life easier are endless.


The colour palette

2020 says hello to bold shades and warm colour palettes. We welcome beige back into our homes as a base colour, rather than 2019’s grey tones. A shade on the rise is Neo Mint, we’ll see the shade enter various spaces in the home throughout 2020.

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