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Through analysing the best of North Yorkshire country architecture we have drawn up a Design Guide which all builders must observe, encompassing both traditional and contemporary concepts to ensure natural diversity.

This detailed design framework is used to convey our vision to local councils, to draw up development briefs and assess developer proposals prior to applying for planning permission. The guide also ensures coordination between sites, providing a level of certainty as to the quality of adjacent developments.

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Self-Build 10 Step Plan

You have become the proud owner of your very own slice of England. But where do you start when creating a beautiful home that your family can enjoy for years to come?

Today, the self-build revolution is well under way. As more and more people come to realise its solid advantages, a systematic road map has been established showing each progressive stage. Although you are in control each step of the way, it’s not a journey you have to make alone.

Pick your team of professionals and advisers according to our Self-Build 10 Step Plan and you’ll be surprised how straightforward, as well as satisfying, it is to turn dreams into reality – at Wynyard Park.

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