Design Code

Protecting the delicate balance between nature and living is of paramount importance to us. Through analysing the best of North Yorkshire country architecture, we have drawn up a comprehensive Design Code which all builders working on the private estate must observe and adhere to. The Design Code has been carefully crafted to encompass both traditional and contemporary concepts to ensure natural diversity can thrive.

The purpose of the code is to establish clear design instruction and guidance which Hartlepool and Stockton Borough Councils, together with Wynyard Park Ltd, can apply and implement the vision. The code will be used as a basis for drawing up development briefs and assessing developer proposals and bids prior to their submission for planning permission.

Gallery Design Code
  • Design Guidance
  • Nature & Living
  • Traditional & Contemporary

Diversity by Design

This detailed design framework is used to convey our vision to local councils, to draw up development briefs and assess developer proposals prior to applying for planning permission. The guide also ensures coordination between sites, providing a level of certainty as to the quality of adjacent developments.


Gallery Chimney