Why we work with Wynyard Park: MKM Building Supplies

Blog November 2019

It has long been Wynyard Park’s ethos to work with companies in the North East to ensure work is kept local.

We have been working with MKM Building Supplies in Hartlepool since 2015 to ensure that we use businesses in the region and work alongside people we know.

MKM provides quotations and specifications for self-builds in Wynyard Park and supplies building materials for the development of properties by both Wynyard Park and Joseph Homes.

One of 74 branches throughout the North East, the Hartlepool franchise opened in 2008 and offers building, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom materials.

Lee Dees, Branch Director at MKM Hartlepool, said: “We’re currently working on 11 self builds at Wynyard Park, we’re working there every day and ensuring everything we do at Wynyard Park is of the highest standards.

“Wynyard Park homes are always great quality. They’re very knowledgeable in what they do and build quality properties with a long-term plan.”

Lee and his team also provide their expertise to self-builders in Wynyard Park.
MKM offers its suggestions and advice on building legislation as well as supplying materials around the ideas of the customer.

Lee said: “We’re very keen to work with people who are undergoing self-builds and to help them through the challenges that go along with building a property. We can help them from the foundations all the way up.”

Last summer Wynyard Park held an open day for businesses and the Hartlepool MKM franchise was invited along.

Lee said: “Myself and our external sales manager attended Poppy Cottage and spent the day discussing ideas with people.

“Wynyard Park like to get you in front of other people for business. It was a great day and a huge success. We are now helping three people who are starting self builds with us off the back of that open day.”

Craig Pinder, Development Manager at Wynyard Park, said: “The building supplies and advice that MKM provides us with is significant to the ongoing development of properties in Wynyard Park. We will continue our relationship with companies such as MKM and JDM Earth, who do a lot of electrical work here, as we continue to develop Wynyard Park.”

Lee added: “We hope to continue our relationship with Wynyard Park for a long time. We love working with friendly, local people who know their trade and understand us.”

For more information on the benefits of working with Wynyard Park, please contact: 01740 667000.

For more information contact the Wynyard Park team on 01740 667 000.

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